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“Becca is aweso…

“Becca is awesome”

Does their really need to be an explanation for this, doesn’t everyone know I’m awesome already! 


“When all else …

“When all else fails, draw a cat!”

I was in art class and supposed to draw something cool. I tried a whole lot of stuff and finally decided to draw a cat. It looked pretty good so I made up this quote. I hope you like it. You may post your own quotes in the comments section and if I like them I maypost them on my blog.

Zeus: I hate yo…

Zeus: I hate you!
Poseidon: Rarr
Zeus: ZAP
Poseidon: WAVE
Demeter: Break it up.
Athena: Just go away. I’m trying study.
Dionysus: ZAP
And everyone but Dionysus was tied up in grape vines