The Moohroom

The Moohroom

So they are real!

My favorite minecraft animal

My favorite minecraft animal


What I look like on minecraft!

What I look like on minecraft!

Isn’t it awesome?

Minecraft is Awesome!

OMG! If anyone is still on this new years was awesome! My family & I went to our friends house near DC & they have Minecraft COMPUTER game! I went on creative on a super flat terrain and found a village. It allready had villagers, but I over run it with more villagers! It was so funny because when it rained all the villagers ran into the few houses their were and shut me out! I had nowhere to stay when it was raining at night! Silly move spawning all those Villagers! Good thing I was on CREATIVE! But thats not what I Was so exited about. I saw my very first, ok I want you too guess! Its big, red, and has mushrooms on its head, you said it PonyUp, its a…



It was one of the best days of winter break, I mean I saw a Mooshroom! You know how much I wanted too see a Mooshroom PonyUp! I got so carried away that I figured out how to change skins and I changed my friends skin to a really cute Mooshroom Girl skin!

ps. They don’t like Mooshrooms!

I got so carried away I spent an Hour if not more spawning Mooshooms!

I can’t wait to see you all Monday, Bye 


I had the most amazing Christmas ever this year! Santa didn’t give us many presents, but thats cause he brought two very expensive ones. They were: a Basketball Hoop, and a Kindle Fire HDX!


Articuno28 posted a comment and in reply I posted the longest comment ever! It is in the comments page in the center! I challenge everybody/anybody to make a longer comment!   


A Must Do Challenge! 

The Blog Of A Random Person Who Followed Me!

Visit this! I am serious, its AWESOME! 

How To Make All The Smiley Faces I Know!

Do these without the spaces! I will do what they look like in the comments in order!

1. : )

2. : (

3. ; )

4. : P

5. : o

6. : D

The 12 days of Meister!

The 12 days of Meister!.

The 12 days of Meister!

The 12 Days Of Meister: #1

By: Rebecca Meister


On the 12th day of Meister the Meister’s gave to me:


12. Max & Rooney’s playing,

11. Grandpa’s reading,

10. Grandma’s wording,

9. Mommy’s cooking,

8. Becca’s blogging,

7. Daddy’s working,

6. Danielle’s doing puzzles,

5. Higgy & Booboo’s bathing,

4. Zeke’s meowing,

3. Wallace’s running,

2. Franko’s sleeping,

1. & a big happy family!