Story of awesomeness (fill in the blanks in the comments section)

Their once, was a _____. His name was Zeke. He lived in the _________ with his two good friends _______ and ________. One day, two evil _______ named _______ and _______ came. Zeke absolutely hated them. Then, sadly, Zeke’s  friends, #3 and #4, passed away. Of course Zeke did not know that and he was very _______. Then two despicable little #1’s came and ________ Zeke. He did not _________ them, but they were better than ________. THE END



Ps. Eventually Zeke will join #3 and #4 in heaven.  






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  1. The cat in the picture is not zeke. when i fill in the blanx, its a true story!

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