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My stinky website

Check out my stinky new website and come back to THIS SITE to tell me how much you liked it.


🙂 🙂 🙂


Mac is on ma blog isnt she fancy, mac is on my blog dance the  fancy, WORD!

“Becca is aweso…

“Becca is awesome”

Does their really need to be an explanation for this, doesn’t everyone know I’m awesome already! 

“When all else …

“When all else fails, draw a cat!”

I was in art class and supposed to draw something cool. I tried a whole lot of stuff and finally decided to draw a cat. It looked pretty good so I made up this quote. I hope you like it. You may post your own quotes in the comments section and if I like them I maypost them on my blog.

Story of awesomeness (fill in the blanks in the comments section)

Their once, was a _____. His name was Zeke. He lived in the _________ with his two good friends _______ and ________. One day, two evil _______ named _______ and _______ came. Zeke absolutely hated them. Then, sadly, Zeke’s  friends, #3 and #4, passed away. Of course Zeke did not know that and he was very _______. Then two despicable little #1’s came and ________ Zeke. He did not _________ them, but they were better than ________. THE END



Ps. Eventually Zeke will join #3 and #4 in heaven.